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Updated 1 / 2018

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These are some of the photos that were sent to us by the proud owners of the custom roof caps I made after installation over their turret or gazebo roofs. I'd love to share more of these type of shots with you, but I have not want to pester my clients about getting pictures, so it is rare I hear back from them after they get their roof cap(s), let alone get back to us with these wonderful pictures. I know you'll want to see them to help you decide what might be best for the crowning jewel of your home. More to come as time permits.

Perhaps you will be so kind as to share your photos here some day?

Note: remember that you can click on each pictures to get a better look, or click on their name to see more pictures and info about that project. I could add more current images here, but we already have so much here it would just bog down your browser, but we are still quite active with these sort of projects. 

 The Burger Turret Roof Cap (10/17)

 The Person Gazebo Roof Cap (8/16)

The Monz Turret Roof Cap (10/16)

 Turret Roof Cap (7/15)

Turret Roof Cap (3/16)

 The Zlatkovsky Turret Roof Caps (10/15)

 The Zlatkovsky Turret Roof Caps (10/15)

The Doerr Gazebo Roof Cap (11/14)

The Garland Gazebo Roof Cap (5/14)

The Gaston Turret Roof Cap (5/12)

The Umberger/Brown Turret (2/12)
The Hagen Turret Roof Cap
Houlton, Maine

The Allison Turret Caps/Cupolas (10/12)

The Massey2 Gazebo Cap (5/12)

The McNamara Gazebo Cap w/Vent
New Palestine, Indiana
The Buhler Turret Caps
Swan River, Manitoba, Canada
The Taylor Turret Roof Cap
Olympia, Washington (11/10)

They also made a very interesting detailed web page showing the progress of their gazebo step-by-step construction with 98 photos and a video slide show:


The Svenson Turret Cap
Chautauqua, New York
The Wyciskala Gazebo Roof Cap
Gig Harbor, Washington (3/10)

The Sylvester Turret Roof Cap
Spring Grove, Illinois (10/10)

The Entrikin Turret Roof Cap
Seattle, Washington
The Hagen Turret Roof Cap
Houlton, Maine (8/08)

The Davey Turret Roof Cap
Oceanside, Oregon (8/08)

The Meyers Gazebo Roof Cap
Machipongo, Virginia (9/08)

The Marinick Turret & Gazebo Caps
Hot Springs, Arizona (8/08)

The Appelsmith Turret Roof Cap
cramento, California (6/08)
The Jessum Turret Roof Caps
Sammamish, Washington
The Bentz pair of Turret Caps
Avella, Pennsylvania (12/07)

The Ober Turret Roof Cap
Portland, Oregon (10/07)

The Marry Gazebo Roof Cap
Lincolnshire, Illinois

  The Simmon Turret Roof Cap
Cary, North Carolina (6/07)
 The Rhoe Gazebo Roof Cap & Flashing
Chicago, Illinois (8/07)
The Massey Gazebo Roof Cap
Resaca, Georgia (5/07)

The Bartel Turret Roof Cap
Fair Grove, Missouri (6/07)

  The Bogaards Turret Roof Caps
Bridgeport, Alabama (3/07)
 The Anderson Turret Roof Cap
Benton, Pensulvania (3/07)

  The Cook Gazebo Roof Cap
Crozier, Virginia (3/07)

The Willard Turret Roof Cap
Grass Valley, California (3/07)

The McClellan Turret Roof Cap
Nevada City, Califonia
  The Pomponio Gazebo Roof Cap
Mount Ulla, North Carolina (10/06)
   The Grassham Turret Roof Caps
Van Buren, Missouri (9/06)

 The Karpel Turret Roof Caps
St. Louis, Missouri (10/06)

 The Farooqui Turret & Gazebo Roof Caps
Weston, Massachusetts

The Ware Gazebo Roof Cap
Ashland, Oregon (9/05)

The Pair of McHugh Turret Roof Caps
Ashland, Misouri (11/05)
The Morehouse Turret Roof Cap
Nova Scotia, Canada (5/05)
The Farrell Turret Roof Caps
Allen, Texas (2/06)
 The Curry Turret Roof Cap
Charles, Missouri (8/05)

The Bromann Entry Gazebo Roof Cap
Claredon Hills, Illinois

The Jabusch Gazebo Roof Cover & Cap
Kelso, Washington (7/05)

The Grace Entry Gazebo Roof Cap
Deltona, Florida (4/05)

 The Cross Turret Roof Caps
Baltimore, Maryland (11/04)

The Wilder Turret Roof Cap
Arlington Heights, Illinois (11/04)

 The McLaughlin Roof Cap
Interlochen, Michigan (10/04)

The Bower Turret Roof Roof Caps
Elizabethtown, Kentucky (8/04)

The Masco Cap
Middletown, New Jersey (6/04)

The Boll Turret Roof Cap
Jellico, Tennessee (5/04)

 The Giberson Turret Roof Cap
Athens, Georgia (4/04)
 The Huffmon Turret Roof Cap
California (12/03)

The Sean Roof Roof Cap
Eastern Washington (9/03)


The Providence Medical Center Charity Turret Roof Cap & Ridge Caps
West Linn, Oregon

 The Gantenbien Entry Roof Cap
Boring, Oregon (7/99)
Copper Gazebo Cap
  The Warkentin Gazebo Roof Cover
Banks, Oregon  (3/99)



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