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Note: Most of our clients are not local to us, so we do ship orders of these professional stock and custom parts.


Gutter Parts & Accessories Prices

Note: listed prices on this page include packaging and freight within continental USA, along with all needed hardware like; copper roofing nails, rivets, stainless steel screws, or mounting brackets to perform this work. There is a $150 minimum order on most items shown here, or a $300 minimum on custom projects needing to be made to specific measurements other than what's listed here. We offer a 2-year performance satisfaction guarantee, so there is little to no risk of these not working well for your rain management issues.

I haven't bothered to set up a fancy shopping cart system here. Just e-mail me with your order requirements and I will confirm your numbers and make sure to ask any questions that may be important to complete your work without issues. Photos of your project may help me evaluate your specific needs better.

I have a Venmo and PayPal link on my Contact Page if you want to pay w/credit or debit card, but there is a 3.2% service fee you'll need to add to cover what Paypal will deduct from what you submit.

Installation instruction are listed below, and click here for our order and contact info

Full length Gutters & Downspouts?:
With exact measurements we can supply custom gutter lengths. Possibly preassembled and sealed ready to install, but as you can imagine they are tricky to ship across the USA, so the shipping crates and truck freight may be rather costly and be limited to 20' lengths. They have to be light enough for the truck driver to lift it into their trailer. The longest pair of copper gutters I have shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube was 24' long. We have had clients fly here and get a large rental truck to transport as long as 37' copper gutter lengths set on rubber pads over the container hull and extending out over the cab.

1.5" wide Monster Hidden Hangers
These are stronger
than you'll find elsewhere. Sized for 5" gutters
w/a pair of
#12  high grade stainless steel screws for each. They can be packed to order with your specific number needs.

$2.50 each set in 0.063" thickness

$6.50 each set in 48oz

($150 combined minimum order)

Larger No-clog Outlet
5" End-caps Left & Right

$3.50 each for Aluminum part

$8.50 each for Copper

Or DMR's exclusive Mitered End-cap option:

$5.50 each for Aluminum mitered end-cap piece
$12.50 each for Copper mitered end-cap piece

The image on the left shows the custom metal wedge I can make to help support the gutter mounted over diagonal fastia boards. Contact me for sizing and pricing.

($150 combined minimum order)

Sturdy Steel Gutter Screens
These come with a black powderbake pain finish in 4 feet longsegments, 25 pieces per box for 100 linear feet total per box. They are to be trimmed to fit with standard tin snips. This powder-bake finish I've seen hold up for over 20 years. They are curl under the outer edge for attachment without screws and tuck under the edge of the shingles, but may need a pair of screws for each to secure in some rare situations. These can be packed to order with just your specific needs.

See more photos and description below

Cost for 5" screens: $250 per box
of 100 ln', or $12 per 4' strip for a partial box

Cost for 6" screens: $300 per box of 100 ln', or $14 per 4' strip for a partial box

($150 combined minimum order)

Strong Large Pipe Cleats
5-3/4" wide 1-3/8" tall. These are designed for mounting 3X4 downspouts, but work great behind the smaller 2X3 size. Comes w/6 rivets and a pair of
stainless steel screws for each bracket. The Copper pipe cleats come with 6 SS screws per bracket for added theft security. Installation recommendation is to place them not more than 6 feet apart.
Note: the Leaf-catcher kits seen below come with 3 sets of these to mount the Leaf-catcher and a pair for the upper downspout to be mounted in the same manner.

0.063" Aluminum Brackets:
$3 each set

48oz Copper Brackets:
$11 each set

($150 combined minimum order)

Leaf-Catchers (our design)
This is our most popular item, and the main reason Homeowners hire DMR Gutters to replace their gutter system. I am so confident you will love them I offer a 100% money back satisfaction guaranty for 2-years, so if you are worried they will not perform as well as you hope; there is no risk of wasting money. Plenty of time to get them installed and give them a good test to see how well they work for several seasons, and easy to clean out.

They are made from a 15" wide sheet stock and have a strong 6X6 weave stainless steel screen that will catch most pine needles. Each kit is made to order and include all the attachment hardware needed to remount your single story DS in the same manner: 3 large pipe cleats, 6 SS screws (18 w/copper), and 28 rivets.

Please specify if you want the new rounded mouth (shown right), or the old style square mouth (shown below)

Also specify downspout size fit:
3.5" wide strainer for 2"X 3" DS
(b) wider 4.5" strainer reducing to 2X3 DS below

(c) 4.5" strainer made for the larger 3"X 4" DS
3.5" strainer for 3" round DS
(e) 4.5" strainer for 4" round DS

Cost for Painted Aluminum Leaf-Catcher Kit:
w/6 SS screws and 28 aluminum rivets
See color chart for selections

$50 each for (a) or (d) 2X3 size DS
$55 each for (b), (c), or (e) wider strainer

Cost for 20oz Copper Leaf-Catcher Kit:
w/18 SS screws and 28 copper rivets
$70 each for (a) or (d) 2X3 size (as shown)
$80 each for (b), (c), or (e) wider strainer

($150 combined minimum order)

Option (b) can be used with 2X3 DS for a wider strainer basket than standard, or w/3X4 DS above reduced to a 2X3 DS below to make it easier to fit into a standard 3" storm drain pipe.

To read more about the design & function details of our Leaf-catchers see:

I also sell template kits with a video of how to make these:

Here is the instructions for the installation of gutter parts
You can click these images below for a file to print out

Some browser may ask for a pass word. Just hit cancel, and you will still get the file.

Larger No-clog OutletDownspout Reducers:
8 bend/faceted funnel design for connecting standard corrugated 3"x 4" to 2"x 3" downspout. This is used for a larger no-clog outlet conversion.

have 8 different templates, so please be specific with your order:
(a) common 'A' style
(as shown)
(b) 'B' style - seam on narrow sides
(c) No eave gutter outlet/reducer
(d) End of gutter outlet/reducer
In each of the 4 styles listed above specify 12" or 15" long version

Aluminum Reducer:
$15 each for 12" or $16 for 15"

20oz Copper Reducer:
$30 each for 12" or $35 for 15"

($150 combined minimum order)

No-clog Super-Outlet Combo Pack:
Scupper shown has a 3.25" X 10" wide top w/3.25" X 5" bottom sealed to a large 3X4 A style elbow
. We also make these for a K-6" gutter to fit a 4.25" wide floor. You will need a reducer (shown above) if you have 2X3 downspouts to connect into.

Aluminum Super-Outlet:
$60 each for 5" gutter (as shown)
$65 each for 6" gutter

20oz Copper Super-Outlet:
$85 each for 5" gutter
$95 each for 6" gutter

Note: This was designed specifically for under an expansion joint on long gutter lengths, as shown here in this image of the cut-away attachment before the other gutter length is added.  I made this tray, since you cannot attach a single downspout elbow to 2 separate gutters that will need to shift and move, so this attaches to one end of the gutters and the other gutter overlaps this tray allowing movement without leaking, but could be added to any gutter for an inceased outlet size; with up to 9" of the entire floor of the gutter cut open over this Super-Outlet.

End-cap Sealed Style Expansion Joints:

2 Piece Aluminum Expansion Joint Cover Kit:
K-5 -
$25 each

2 Piece Copper Expansion Joint Cover Kit:
K-5 - $40 each (as shown below)

($150 combined minimum order)

Note: This was designed specifically for an expansion joint on long gutter lengths, as shown here in these images. This is to split the gutter, so that it will be able to shift and move, which releave the tention off the corners at the end of the gutters and rudces gutter twist of independent gutter that are too long. I have seen the screw heads sheer off at the ends of just 40' long gutters from the expansion and contraction that happens with ordinary temperaure changes. This attaches over a pair of end-caps that seal off the ends of the pair of gutters, so it will not dribble between them. There should be a minimum of 1/2" gap between that pair of end-caps; allowing movement without leaking.

Downspout Roof Trays:

These are commonly needed for many houses, but most hard feature to find a contractor who can provide them. Yet, I have been using these frequently on gutter jobs for almost 3 decades now without negative reports.

It may be impractical to ship out, since the freight is more than the cost of these trays. These are usually formed from a 6" wide gutter coil stock. I bend a 3/4" rise w/safety hem on both sides to contain the rain water flow from an upper downspout mounted over roofing to deliver it to a lower gutter without touching the roof shingles. This looks better than a downspout mounted over the shingles, while eliminating the mildew stains and excessive wear of those shingles.

These are attached with a pair of matching metal straps fastened to the roof with stainless steel screws with a sealing washer, which are also supplied. The strap is then screwed onto the sides of the tray to hold it in place and this hides the penetrating screw from the elements. The mounting brackets can also bend over the sides of the tray to allow for expantion and contraction.  The bottom end is to be curled down in a soft curve to wick the water down into the lower gutter. If you are covering the lower gutter with a screen that screen will need to be cut open where this tray is mounted to keep debris from caking over the screen. These can be made to the length you need in a variety of colors to match your roof.

Note: Shipping cost would be a lot more for trays longer than 4' long, since they may have to go truck freight. That could make these cost over 10X more than just ground freight. These also tend to be a lot less than our $100 minimum order, so most clients have us add gutter cover screen inside the same slender box (as shown above)

Aluminum Roof Tray cost + freight:
$5 ln' for 3" wide floor (as shown), + $6 for each roof bracket w/SS screws
$6 ln' for 4.5" wide floor, + $8 for each roof bracket w/SS screws

20oz Copper Roof Tray cost + freight:
$12 ln' for 3" wide floor, + $10 for each roof bracket w/SS screws
$16 ln' for 4.5" wide floor, + $14 for each roof bracket w/SS screws

($150 combined minimum order)

Rain-cups Outlets:
Rain-cups are sometimes used in lieu of a regular downspout pipe, but getting the water into the cups without restriction is very challenging. This outlet piece helps to effectively funnel the rain water into the cups while allowing for a larger outlet opening. Includes rivets, 1/4" SS hook, and 4 ga copper wire for rain-cup attachment.

Aluminum Outlet (as shown)
$40 each for a 5" gutter - 3.25" bottom floor
$45 each for a 6" gutter - 4" floor size

20oz Copper Outlet
$60 each for a 5" gutter - 3.25" bottom floor
$70 each for a 6" gutter - 4" floor size

Note: It is very important that the raincups need to be supported separate from the gutter floor. Go here for detailed installation instructions and photos:

($150 combined minimum order)

15" tall x 6.5" wide with 8 bends. Includes rivets, pipe cleat, and SS mounting screws.

Designed to transition a pair of down to a single downspouts. Specify size and color.

Aluminum Funnel:
$25 each for 2X3 DS (as shown)
$30 each for 3X4 DS

Copper Funnel:
$50 each for 2X3 DS
$60 each for 3X4 DS

($150 combined minimum order)

Funnel5 Facet Scupper/Funnel:
This is just a simple scupper comparred to the fancier styles we do, but still has more style than just a rectangular top:

These are for flat roof outlets, or for a larger more decorative funnel than shown above.

Measurements for 2X3 DS:
8.5" wide, 5.5" deep, 13" tall

3X4 DS measurements:
12" wide, 8" deep, 12" tall

This has a rim bent over the top edge for added strength. Includes rivets, a pipe cleat, and SS mounting screws.

Aluminum Scupper:
$40 each for 2x3 DSP (as shown)
$50 each for 3x4 DSP

20oz Copper Scupper:
$80 each for 2x3 DSP
$100 each for 3x4 DSP

($150 combined minimum order)

FunnelPRO-SEAL 34 Caulk:
I know this seems way too expensive, which it is. This is the most expensive caulk I have found, which I have now used since before 2000 without fail, and had replaced damage gutters after a decade and was amazed how well it still held and sealed the gutter.

This is rated at 350% expansion. Far more than any other caulks on the market. It can be applied in wet weather as well. As long as the metal is clean, but as with any caulk do NOT use soapy water to keep it from sticking to your fingers, because when you get that soap on the metal it will then not stick to that either. Cleans off with mineral spirtis or stronger solvents.

$20 each 10.5oz tube with orders of other parts

($150 combined minimum order)

A set of color chips:

This image give you a good idea of what colors are available for the pre-painted aluminum that I have access to. Although, this image may not look exactly right on your monitor and most likely would not print out just right either. Contact me for an exact match sample. I have 8.5" X 11" card I can mail you.

Also, click on this image to see a second color chart from ABC Supply.

$ free upon request. We are not able to ship pressurized cans of spray paint.
Non-ferrous (rust-free) Roof Flashing
(crate & freight adds to these prices)

Availability: Call you local Roofing Supplier to see if they have aluminum or copper flashing in stock, or at any price with or w/o a long wait time. If you can get it locally it should be cheaper than paying freight for what we have, yet I still may cost half of what they are charging, since they will strongly discourage the use of any rust-free flashing. This is to avoid warranty issues of the shingles they sell. Only because they need to be sure the flashing fails first, so they suffer no liability.

Aluminum Flashing: The 0.027" aluminum flashing runs as little as $1.50 sq', or $10 sq' for 20oz copper plus the cost of a crate and freight charges as needed. This flashing is made to order, so feel free to request custom lengths, which is priced accordingly. You do not need to order full sticks, so there is less wasted material.  Volume discounts can apply for large orders, and freight cost per # would be a much better value than small orders.

Freight: We can make flashing up to 12' long, but it would then need to go truck freight, which would cost around 3X more than FedEx Ground. Perhaps even more than most aluminum flashing orders cost to local clients. To be delivered just small package ground these would need to be cut down to under 9' lengths, or 6' lengths for wider flashing like W Valley and Ridge Caps.

Shape & Size: The flashing profiles we offer are also better than standard. These can be custom made to order to fit your needs best. Aluminum flashing can be made in any one of the 40 colors, lengths, and widths in 15" wide sheet stock or less. Also, aluminum cut-off scrap value is 25X more than steel, and you will also save $ on labor, since it is lighter to lift, easier to cut, nail, or screw into even though it is 50% thicker than steel flashing to compensate for strength. This thicker aluminum and copper is less dangerous to handle as well.

Other shops push a thinner 16oz copper as standard. Around 95% of
copper roof flashing and gutters are made in just 16oz copper, which is rated for a 60 year life-span. Although, our minimum standard of what we use is a thicker 20oz copper, which is the same thickness as the 0.027" aluminum used for gutters; for a better than standard quality than you would get elsewhere, Which is rated with an 80 year life span. More importantly it is stronger, which is more puncture resistant, and less bucked or wavy looking. Very important details when investing in a premium life-time metal like copper.

Drip Edge Flashing
This flashing is used along the bottom edge of the roof to seal the roofing to the gutter and protect the plywood edge of the roof deck. These can be made custom sized to fit your needs. Even with a sloped drop flange. These can also have an inward safety-hem added along the bottom edge for hiding the sharp exposed edge, which help when cleaning out the gutter. Please specify when ordering. Priced per foot. See above for freight details.

Drip Edge Metall Flashing0.027" Aluminum:
$1 ln' for the basic 1X3 from 4" wide stock (as shown)
$1.25 ln' for 1.5X3.5 or 2X3 from 5" wide stock

$1.50 ln' made from 6" wide stock

20oz Copper:
$6.67 ln' for 1X3 from 4" stock
$8.33 ln' for 1.5X3.5 or 2X3 from 5" wide stock
$10 ln' made from 6" wide stock

T-Metal Rake Edge Flashing
This is to protect the outer diagonal edges of your roof. Not to be used as drip-edge flashing. Other T metal flashing is made from a small 4" wide strip, so this is better. These can also have an outward safety-hem added for added strength, straightness, and channel the rain water down to the gutter, which means no more drips and stained rake edge boards. Priced per foot. See above for freight details.

Rake Edge T Metall0.027 Aluminum:
$1.50 ln' for 6" wide stock
$1.85 ln' for 7.5" wide stock

20oz Copper:
$10 ln' for 6" wide stock
$12.50 ln' for 7.5" wide stock
(as shown)

Horizontal Wall Flashing
This style of flashing is for sealing the horizontal lines of your roof that have a protrusion. Such as a dormer, wall, or chimney. They are priced per 12' stick, but can be cut or formed to size as needed with double or tripple bends and a safety-hems for added strength, straightness, and hiding the sharp exposed edges. Please specify when ordering.
See above for freight details.

Horizontal wall roof flashing0.027 Aluminum per 12' stick:
8" wide stock: 3X5 - $24 (standard)
10" wide stock: 4X6 - $30
12" wide stock: 5X7 - $

20oz Copper per 12' stick:
8" wide stock: 3X5 - $160
10" wide stock: 4X6 - $200
12" wide stock: 5X7 - $240

Step Flashing
These pieces of flashing are for sealing the diagonal lines of your roof that have a protrusion. Such as a dormer, wall, or chimney. You will need 1 piece for each row of shingles. These are priced per 25 pack, but can be packed to order. This pair of 45 degree bends shown is an improved design, but can also be made in the traditional single 90 degree bend. The sharp corners are rounded off for better handling.
See above for freight details.

Step-Flashing Metall0.027 Aluminum:
$36 for 6" X 8"
$45 for 8" X 8"
$70 for 8" X 12"

20oz Copper: 
$200 for 6" X 8" (as shown)
$260 for 8" X 8"
$390 for 8" X 12"

W-Valley Flashing
These can be made for tile roofs with reverse bends along the outer edges. The pipe is a tool I made to help roll the bottom edges of the valley metal to keep the rain water from shooting out over the gutter. These can also have an inward bend along the outer edges for tile roofs. Priced per linear foot, but can be made up to 10' long for an added crate and freight cost. See above for freight details.

W Valley Metal0.032 Aluminum (unpainted only):
$5 per ln' made from 18" wide stock
$7.50 per ln' made from 24" wide stock

20oz Copper:
$20 per ln' made from 18" wide stock (as shown)
$30 per ln' made from 24" wide stock

Metal Ridge Cap w/Vent Kit
Copper ridge caps help reduce moss growth below, and will seal the roof edge much better than any other type of roofing products on the market. Theses can be ordered with or w/o the vent kits, or can be mounted directly on the shingles. These can be formed in several differnt configurations, but I do not have the tooling to form curved radius bends. We supply all the stainless steel screws w/rubber washers needed for attachment.

If you have copper gutters this seems to be your only option for moss control, since powder treatments will disolve copper. If you do not have much of a moss problem in your area these sort of metal ridge caps can be made with a painted aluminum in stead of copper for a lot less. Made just to seal the roof better and also provide a better ridge vent system. Priced below per linear foot plus freight charges if needed.

See above for freight details.

Vented copper ridge caps Hidden Ridge Vent

Roof Vent Cedar Support Frame w/6X6 weave Stainless Steel Screen:
Parts Kit - $12 ln'
Pre-assembled to your roof angle ready to mount  $18 Ln'

0.032" Aluminum Hip & Ridge Covers:
12" wide stock - $3 ln' (mostly for hips)
18" wide stock - $4 ln'

24" wide stock - $6 ln'
each for custom end-caps

20oz Copper Hip & Ridge Covers:
12" wide stock - $20 ln' (mostly for hips)
18" wide stock - $30 ln'

24" wide stock - $40 ln'
 (as shown)
each for custom end-caps

To read more about copper ridge caps follow this link:


Gutter Parts Client Referral:
From: Peter Troop <ptroop@sbcglobal.n*t>
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2011
Subject: Overdue thank you - San Jose job

Your help with my gutter issues last fall was spectacular. Your materials, combined with the skills of my installer, have given an excellent result. The trays, funnels, reducers, leaf catchers and screen system look beautiful and work. For the first time in this home I have an actual gutter system that reliably does what it needs to do.

I know you would like photos – and I’ve been waiting to get them before sending this email. But I don’t have them yet – but wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I will send them eventually.

I hope this finds you well...

And here is a referral from Peter to another Homeowner in his area I had directed him to in order to find a decent installer in his area:

From: P A Troop <ptroop@sbcglobal.n*t>
To: "Kendall, Curt" <curt.kendall@asr.sccgov.o*g>
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2011
Conversation: Recent Gutter installation

David was spectacular to work with, and combined with the skill and craftsmanship of Pablo Gonzalez, my installer, I ended up with reliable, fully functioning gutters for the first time in 11 years. Pablo is an all around craftsman and carpenter who is experienced in roofing and roofing metal work from previous employers.

I would recommend him unequivocally: Pablo Gonzales 408-591-8181

Total cost was less than galvanized bids from slam bang gutter installers in the area who would have simply left me with more of what I had to start with – a poor system that never really worked.


2" x 3" Aluminum downspout Leaf-catcher

Crocus style copper rain chain/cups
for use as a downspout on the right

Copper & Brass Rain-Cups (funnels)

These are an alternative to a closed downspout pipe, which can be use, as long as you have a good system to catch this water under neath to channel that water out away from the house foundation. Some designs are no longer available.

Keep in mind how rain-chains have never worked, as it is impossible to effectively funnel that rainwater onto the chain, and they tend to have a much wider splatter pattern of about 9 square feet. I recommend using the copper funnels I call rain-cups.

It is best to remove the end-cap and bend the floor of the gutter down to direct the water into the top of the rain-cups. This helps prevent debris from forming a blockage over the outlet. I use a 1/4" stainless steel eye hook or place a hidden hanger above for attachment. These also come in a 3 funnels per foot without the chain link between them, as seen above.

Buttercup, Tulip, Fish, or upside down Umbrella
$440 - 10' strand of all funnels (no loops)

$550 - 10' strand Pineapple Style (below left)

Bluebell or Crocus
$360 - 10' strand all funnels (no loops)

Those shown below with loops comes in sets of 1 ornamental funnels per foot that link together with these hollow tubular loop chains can be easily linked together and adjusted for up to 3 a story height. Although, heavy ice cycles hanging from them in the Winter could be too much weight to handle.


From: Eric Tupper <tupperair42@hotmail.c*m>
Subject: RE: Down-spout Filters
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2014

Hi David,
I just had to tell you how fantastic your DS Filters work. The install went fantastic on our house and they catch and push out the pine needles very well.

thank you for having such a great solution to our gutter debris. I also had the gutter company who installed the DS filters enlarge all of the openings in the gutters to allow the debris to freely travel to the DS filters.

Thank you again,
Eric Tupper

Our exclusive stronger expanded metal hinged leaf screens
with a black powder bake finish and 4 clip/hinges per 4' screen section

From: "Pietzold, Alfred" <APietzol@harris.c*m>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005
Subject: Thanks for the leaf screens

David and Tia,

     This past weekend I finally finished installing the leaf screens I purchased from you.  They are definitely the best ones I've seen.  Besides their nice appearance I really liked how I could shape them to fit the unusual spots.  We have 45 degree inside and outside corners on some of our gutters, plus 90 degree.  I was able to cut the screens for a nice "no gap" joint in the corners and mold them to fit snugly at the hip areas of the roof.  I'm hoping these hold up to the snow and ice this winter.  If they do then in the spring I plan on buying more to do my parents house.

Thanks for providing such a fine product!

Al Pietzold
Rochester NY (south shore of Lake Ontario)

From: Al Palmer <palmeral@comcast.n*t>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008
Subject: Re: Custom copper sheet metal Leaf-catcher fabrication

Attached are 5 snapshots of our house, 4 of which show your products. The installer finished the project just before "Hannah" dumped a fair amount of rain on us. In the front, I have temporary drain pipes to get the water away from the house. That will be replaced with an underground drain after which some new landscaping will be done.

I was not 100% pleased with the contractor so I went back and corrected a couple of mistakes myself. But all in all I am pleased with the results. I know I won't have any mildew or moss problems like I used to have with my cedar roof and white aluminum gutters that I just couldn't clean up.

I very much appreciate your products and the info that is available on your web site. If I were ever to move to your part of the country, I would contract with you to install whatever my house needed in the way of gutters and drains.

Stay healthy,
Al Palmer (Brinklow, Maryland)

Leaf-catchers and Leaf screensLeaf-catchers and Leaf screens

He ordered a set of 6 copper Leaf-catchers and 232' of our hinged leaf screens


Custom Copper Sheet Metal Fabrication FAQ
(like: turret roof caps, gazebo roof caps, chimney caps, decorative scuppers, and such)

We price most projects under $1k to include cost of the wood frame crate and shipping in the continental USA, as well as the needed hardware like: copper rivets, copper nails or stainless steel screws, caulk, and mounting brackets.  We separate these cost for larger orders like chimney caps or large volume orders. We will need to work out the specific details through e-mail to provide a written quote for your consideration. We do not quote prices for custom work over the phone, since there would be no record of it that way, and it usually takes us an hour or two to do the careful calculation to submit a proper quote.

Click here for our order and contact info

Quality Control:

The core of my business is custom copper work, where I personally build these outdoor rain management products to order. I have NO employees to shuffle the work off to. Copper sheet metal is gauged by how much it weighs per square foot. I only work with 20oz solid copper sheet metal or thicker. I don't offer lower rates to work with thinner 12oz or 16oz copper (the type most other shops use to save material cost), since the savings to you would be so marginal; with the cost of labor and shipping being by far the largest cost with any custom work like this. To use a thinner copper would only save you about 5 to 10%. Hardly worth the savings. If these products were to be made with a thinner copper they would become easily dented and even wear holes through the metal just from the abrasion of the rain water over time, so that would make using copper a moot point: if they would wear out so quickly you might was well have them made in painted steel that will rust in about the same amount of time. I firmly believe planned obsolescence should be a crime, since it is intentional fraud. Although it seems to be standard operating procedure in most industry still today. I rail against this and do what I can to set a good example.


Price Comparisons:
On this web site you will find the actual cost our clients had paid listed along with shipping costs on each project and dated, since my costs have needed to raise a little due to copper and diesel fuel doubling in cost since early 2006.

I make no secret that my volume wholesale cost for 20oz copper sheet metal is only around $9 per square foot. My prices may be well above that, but from all reports I've gotten from our clients; my quotes have been substantially lower than other similar shops. Plus there is the expense of rivets, special caulk, and the stainless steel fastening hardware I supply with each project. Our over-head is less than most other shops. One reason is the fact that I have no employees. This makes my work a bit slower, but that also makes us well worth the wait.

Cost of Complexity:
The cost is more or less due to the complexity, size of the project, shipping cost, and size of the order. 
Most projects run $45 to $55 per square foot w/shipping included determined by the final weight of the project, so you are only paying for what you get at that rate.

We will charge as little as $35 per square foot for small project shipped that are fairly simple, like a basic 8 sided roof cap where the final size will fit in a box that is around 21" cubed.

For a fairly simple fabrication like a roof ridge cap and flashing kits with 20oz copper can be as little as $15 per square foot without shipping charges.

Custom copper projects normally run $20 to $25 per pound not including shipping charges regardless of the copper thickness.

Very complicated projects could run as high as $250 per square foot for thick copper that is built with curves or that need to be hammered into shape, but that is very rare.

Minimum Charge:
We do have a $200 minimum charge on custom orders, but only a $100 minimum on the stock items listed above.

For large projects that cost over $500; we will weigh it once complete and adjust the cost down to what copper remained in the fabricated piece at the listed cost in the quote, so you are not having to pay for an inflated estimate or even the cut-off waste to make your project. It is also a detail you can double check when the project arrives. You will not find that kind of honest service any where else. That sort of honest work has earned us such a high reputation, where we were 1 of 9 finalist for the North-West Better Business Bureau's Business Integrity Award 2 years in a row just before the turn of the century.


Reasonable and honest pricing is not even our best attribute. We have also gotten reports that we are the only company who is willing to take the time to work out the details on small one-time projects under $1,000.  Don't just take our word for it, shop around and try to get plenty of quotes.  We have links to several other on-line shops around the country on our Site Map page that we link to at the bottom of each web page on our web site.

Feel free to send us more links of sheet metal shops you find that we don't already list, and certainly report to us any shops that have very poor business practices, so we can remove their link or list a warning. On those other web site you are not likely to see large clear photos or any price examples of their custom work shown, so it will be really hard to shop around and compare without contacting them and having to suffer through their high pressure sales tactics. You also will not see digital photos of their fabrication and assembly work to be able to see the details of their work like we do. We have over 1,500 photos on our web sites that enlarge to full screen images (depending on your screen resolution). That's communication!


For stock gutter parts we will need your full payment before they are shipped. It normally takes less than a week to get them shipped off to you.

For custom copper work once we have worked out all the details, for projects under $500 we require full payment in advance to schedule your project in. Most clients just mail us a check, but we have PayPal credit card service on our web site Contact page if you prefer, but it actually takes longer than US Postal service. As long as we have you e-mail address and phone # we will notify you when we have received your payment and provide digital photos of the progress. Then send you the tracking number when it has shipped.

For large orders of $500 or more we need only a half down deposit to begin construction.  We will then provide digital photos of the progress for your approval. We will then need the balance before shipping. As stated above, even though we would have provided you a maximum cost quote, we will weigh the finished product to see if it actually took that much copper to make it, and it will be discounted accordingly. If it is over $2k, we will accept a 1/3 down payment to schedule your project in. Then need the second 1/3 payment once we have begun to send photos and progress reports. Then the balance once completed.

Sound too good to be true? The scale won't lie, and it is something you can confirm for yourself when it arrives.  We were even awarded the Better Business Bureau's Business Integrity Award for our unusually honest business practices. That is a lot more than just being a member of the BBB, when we were selected from 1 in 1,000 members who were up for this award. We were finalist for that award two years in a row no less. I am sure it would have been more by now, but I assume our name has been permanently removed from the running now, so they can spread the kudos around.

See our photo pages for more examples of what we have done and their costs.


Below are a few examples of our custom work w/prices they paid, which link to related web pages

Turret Roof Cap w/Morgona Finial
cost - $
555 - php

Copper over hardwood plywood security
mail box for better impact resistance
w/solid brass knob and address numbers - $500 php

Square Column Style Chimney Cap
cost - $4,537.24 php

Arched Tuscan Style
Chimney Cap
cost - $2,030 installed

Simple Turret & Gazebo Roof Caps
20" wide - $
260 php
Fireplace Hood
Takhar Fireplace Hood
About 5.5' wide
cost - $2,900 w/larger order

Cross Stainless Steel Roof Caps
About 1.25 & 2.5' wide.
cost - $2,030

Chimney Cap
About 1.5' wide
cost - $480 w/larger order

Matching pair of 8 sided turret roof caps
28" wide w/weathervane support - $960 php

The larger stainless steel cap on the work bench is 34" wide w/a small 4 sided cap for a cupola.

LEA Designs chimney cap
About 2' wide
cost - $812.60 php

An 8 sided turret roof cap w/raised corners
4' wide and 4' tall w/weathervane support - $1,200 php
(discounted for original inspiring design
They paid more for their weathervane to go in it)

Chimney Flue Extensions
The center chimney pot is over 4' tall.
All three - $2,000 installed
(discounted for original inspiring design)

Scupper for a 3"x 4" downspout
cost - $350 installed

Kensington chimney cap
About 4' wide
cost - $1,531.11 each delivered
in a set of 25 all the same
+ 2 larger units

This is a 53" wide copper Horse style
weathervane we sell - $1,000

This is a 34" wide copper Chopper style
weathervane we also sell without the
flames and counter weight as shown in
this photo - $500 , or $750 w/flame-tail

The Merlin style finial
- $225 delivered



Other Helpful Roofing Information
For some valuable advice with regards to roofing and rain management issues check out our:

(a) Gutter Installation
(b) Gutter Debris Protection Options
(c) Roofing Quality Standards
(d) Chimney Flashing
(e) Moss Control & Treatment

web pages for answers and solutions that could save you thousands of $ and a great deal of anguish.

If you do find this information very helpful, feel free to send us a $ tip for the assistance we so freely have published on the web here for your benefit, like you might tip a waitress.  Heck, send us a gift certificate for a candle lit dinner for two. <LOL>





Below is a photo of our
Better Business Bureau's
NW Business Integrity Award
for the year 1998

1999 Better Business Award

We were also a 1997 finalist for this same award. See our referral web page to see how we managed to be honored with this special award


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