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Even though most of the work I do is custom work, here are a few projects I've done that show the diversity of what I can do to solve your needs and desires.  Below are links to the different web pages of the custom sheet metal fabrication I've done.  Even if your needs are different than what is shown on these pages, this shows how I'm able to help brainstorm solutions, design, and fabricate nearly anything you may need.

Most of my client are not local to us, so I do ship orders all across the Nation as well. Don't be shy and write me an e-mail to ask if we can help with your project.


Fire Place & Fire Pit Covers
(most popular)

For sizes & more details go to our Covers web page:

Custom Flashing Kits

Roof Flashing Pipe Jacks

Chimney Flashing Kits

Custom Window Trim Flashing

Roof Cricket or Diverter


Custom Cupolas, or Roof Vents Big & Small

Go to our Custom Vent Work web page to see some of the custom work I've done:

Moore Park, California

Client: Yaden - Dormer Vents 6/09


Cost: $3,725 delivered to Birmingham, Alabama

Cupolas covered in aluminum and copper

Cost: $8,160 delivered & installed Silverton, Oregon

Cost: $17k for this 8' wide turret installed

Cost: $5,056.55 delivered Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Bardana: Pair of Chimney Caps $8,863.28, Gazebo Restoration w/copper roof $7,064, and New Cupola copper clad w/lighting $3,499(1-2/11)

Combined cost: $19.5k installed in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Range Hoods & Fireplace Mantle Embellishments
for more photos and details follow these links:

The bottom size is 16.5" deep X 76" wide. The top is 4.25" deep X 51.25" wide, and 36" high.

$1,085.30 - local client pick-up here at my shop
Vancouver, Washington

Size: 18" tall X 69" wide & 8" deep in center

$969.60 delivered to Mission Viejo, California

The size is 6" tall X 42" wide and 8" deep in the center

$653.31 delivered to Saint Michael, Minnesota

Here's a trough they also had me make to resemble a photo of an old rusty steel one. They also had us build them a chimney cap w/weathervane for over the flue.

Size 8" deep X 61" wide bottom, 46.5" tall, and 2" deep X 30" wide at the top

$1,209.75 delivered to Danville, California

$437.50 for just the top half delivered to Cave Creek, Arizona


Custom Water Features

Go to our Custom Water Features web page to see some of the custom work I've done:


Entry & Bay Window Roof Covers

Go to our Custom Copper Roof Cover Work web pages to see more details and prices paid for some of the custom work I have done for Clients.  Our specialty is to design roof covers as seamless as possible, while still attached strong enough to withstand high wind situations.

You can see more about these projects by clicking on the photos above


Deck, Balcony, & Pergola Work

Click on these photos to go to our web page for the custom deck work I've done showing you several innovative ideas construction of decks; wood sealed w/natural non-toxic 100% tung oil, less brittle stainless steel screws, very few exposed fasteners, and moisture protected floor joists.


Other Unique Custom Copper Work

Click on any of these photos to see them larger or see more of our Unusual Items web page and read about these projects.


I was asked to make this award for a Client in Orlando, Florida. It is formed with 32oz copper made 12" wide X 11" tall and 4" deep. I had a local guy do the engraving with his sandblaster, make the wood base, and lacquer it. This is the same guy: Rich Hawthorne who help make my logo plaque. His web site is:

With overnight freight this cost them $685 delivered.

7th Year 'Copper' Anniversary Gift Frame

I was asked to make this copper picture frame for their 7th year anniversary gift (copper), so he could surprise his Sweetie with it in time. He also wanted it engraved at the bottom with the phrase: 'L.O.V.E. never fails', that had special meaning for them.

He had a large black & white digital photo they liked from their wedding day, so I did some image editing to give this a little color to enhance the image. I added a sepia tone and colored in the bouquet. He liked what I did and had me order a large print of this on an aluminum sheet to fit in this copper frame.

The outside measure of this copper frame is 28" X 38".

The cost was:
$377.80 for the 20" X 30" print on aluminum
+ $495 for the 11 sq' of 20oz copper frame
+ $200 for the engraving
= $1,072.80 total cost

He is local, so no freight charges apply.

The engraving was done by: Rich Hawthorne. His web site is:

Copper Counter Tops

Copper Mailboxes

This is a copper sewing machine headstone for our client Chris Freybler of Custom Engraving, who had made the name plaque. Their Ph# 616-878-5644 in Byron Center, Michigan. This was built for one of their clients.

This was a small headstone with the base of just 18" X 18" X 2" tall. The sewing machine table is 8" wide. The legs are made with a thick 48oz copper for strength. I had located a molded resin figure for the sewing machine that I covered with a thin 12oz copper and hammered it over the form to show the shape and detail you see here. The silver looking plate on the left side of this sewing machine is stainless steel.

copper sewing machine headstonecopper sewing machine headstone

I had quoted this for only $450 delivered to Byron Center, Michigan 9/10

Although, for as much time this took to get the level of detail I had terribly undersold myself for this small project. If I had charged 4X more I still would not have made enough to cover all the time I spent on this, but it was an interesting project to do that shows of our creativity.

Client: Matovich - Lighted Cupola w/Weathervane Mount 3/08

This is a matching cupola to a set of chimney caps made in my Tuscany arch style for Scott Matovich in Setauket, New York. I made this with a taller base to sit on the roof. I had to do something a bit different with working out a soft glow light inside and rig up the security flood light in the base. You can see more photos at:

I experimented with several  different systems to see what would work best. I ended up using a set of 2 bulbs that reflected off a shield above and a larger reflector below in the base. I also made a third white reflector up in the center of the cupola. I also had to build a strong weathervane support pipe in the roof. This project took me longer to build as the larger chimney cap above.

$1,156.25 - copper 46.25 sq' copper x $25
$125 - and tinted windows
$172.50 - 11.5 sq' aluminum x $15
$150 - wood in the roof
$125 - weathervane support pipe
$100 - wood frameworks in base
$200 - electronics
$150 - wood shipping crate
$200 - shipping c

Total cost: $2,378.75 w/crate & shipping to Setauket, New York

Client: Werner - Entry Door Decorations 4/07

This is an entry door with copper sheet-metal ornaments on the lower part of the door and door frame, as well as the thresh-hold.

Client: Lesh - 7' Tall Copper Finial over 3/4" Marine Grade Plywood, Orb Filled w/Concrete, along w/Copper Covered Cedar Window Well  Frames 5/07

Cost: $1,552.50 - Portland, Oregon

Client: Yocum - Exterior Copper Bench Top over Ipe Hardwood set over the Brick Wall around Window Well I also built 8/02

Cost: $865 - Portland, Oregon

Aluminum Roof Beam Covers

Aluminum Fascia Metal over Birch Plywood

Wall Cap Metal

 Copper Trim Work

Forest Grove, Oregon

Copper Chimney Cap
Light Weight Trailer Shells w/Skylight

Metal Face Mask

My Apprentice Chris Freedman & I designed and built this original metal face mask for a client with the stage name 'OD', who is a rapper located in Bossier, Louisiana. He ordered this to wear during his musical performances. It was made with 24oz copper sheet metal. We only charge $400 for this mask with shipping, even though it took us more than a hundred hours to design and build this after exchanging 37 e-mails and many digital images of the cardboard and aluminum mock-ups Chris had made. It was an interesting project, but not very profitable. Quite a departure from replacing gutters or building copper chimney caps we normally do.

$400 w/shipping to Bossier, Louisiana

It has a separate jaw piece that is designed to move up and down with his jaw. There are no teeth in the middle to allow for his mic to be very close to his lips.

Follow this link to see a video of the jaw in action


 Gazebo or Turret roof peak caps

Click on the photos here to link over to our most popular custom copper work with our 87 Roof Cap Pages to see over  1,000 photos of the custom work we have been doing for clients across the Nation and Canada


Chimney Caps, Flue Pipe Covers & Flue Extensions

Copper Chimney Cap

Click on the photos here to link over to our 31 custom Chimney Caps Pages to see our 900+ photos of the elaborate custom work we have done over the last few years.

Copper Chimney Cap


Rain Basins, Leaderheads, or Scuppers

Click on the photos here to link to our custom Downspout Scuppers Page to see some of the custom work we have done in aluminum and copper


Gutter Work & Mitered Endcaps

Go to our Unusual Gutter Work Page to see some of the custom work we have done in aluminum and copper

Mitered gutter work

Go to our decorative Mitered Endcap Page to see some of the custom work we have done in aluminum and copper


Custom Fascia Work

Custom Facia Work

Go to our Custom Fascia Work web page to see some of the custom work we have needed to do in preparation for new gutter installations


Helpful Roofing Information
For some valuable advice with regards to roofing and rain management issues check out our:

(a) Gutter Installation
(b) Gutter Debris Protection Options
(c) Roofing Quality Standards
(d) Chimney Flashing

(e) Moss Control & Treatment

web pages for answers and solutions that could save you thousands of $ and a great deal of anguish.

If you do find this information very helpful, feel free to send us a $ tip for the assistance we so freely have published on the web here for your benefit, like you might tip a waitress.  Heck, send us a gift certificate for a candle lit dinner for two.



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custom sheet metal fabrication


custom sheet metal fabrication

custom sheet metal fabrication

custom sheet metal fabrication

custom sheet metal fabrication

custom sheet metal fabrication

custom sheet metal fabrication

custom sheet metal fabrication

custom sheet metal fabrication

custom sheet metal fabrication

custom sheet metal fabrication

custom sheet metal fabrication