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Back ground drawing courtesy of: The home of John and Dorothy Berrigan in Stone Harbor, NJ. Designed by Paul Kiss of Olivieri, Shousky Kiss, and built by D.L. Miner Construction

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These flue style chimney covers shown below may look great, but may not offer the best performance, compared to the full chimney caps I have designed over the years. This is due to an exhaust restrictions. The weather-head on top should have 6X the spark arrest screen surface area of the flue diameter. As the direction of the wind changes, each of the 4 sides should have at least 1.5 times more screen area than the flue, since the screen will offer some restriction. This 1.5 X 4 sides = 6X that of the flue. These designs tend to not allow for this much spark arrests screen.

Another issue to consider with these designs is the flue draw factor. I hear from many clients how their backyard fireplace has a terrible draw and they see a lot of smoke coming out the front. This is because most of them have a very short flue of less than 8'. Like with a hotair ballon, you need more cubic feet of hot air to have a sufficient enough lift. Chimneys in a 2-story house have a lot better draw than with a single story house. The size of the flue X the length = square cubic lift potential. More the better. Think of how a single helium ballon can only lift a small plastic toy.

Just click on the photos below to see and read more about each project

It has been a gradual process over the years to refine this process of how I design and build these to last and hold up under the elements, while being simple enough to remove for cleaning the flue when required. I will supply the stainless steel screws for attachment.

Wick - (3/18)
20oz copper Bishop style weather-head w/fresh air intake, 24oz copper 8" flue, 32oz copper base w/flashing flange

Cost: $2,309 total shipped to Alma, Colorado
Final weight: 48.8#, $47 per #, base ISD: 16"/1.78 sq'

Follow this link to see all 37 photos from this project:
CBD facebook photo album

Black - (1-2/18)
King/Queen Crown style weather-head w/Battle Axe finial,
24" wide octagon flue 6' tall, 4' wide square base.

Cost: $14,116.68 total shipped to Skiatook, OK
32oz copper base, 24oz flue, 32oz ornamentation on crown, & custom finial
Final weight: 434.8#, $32.50 per #, or $915 per ln'
base ISD: 45.75" X 46.75"/14.85 sq'

Follow this link to see all 139 photos from this project:
CBD facebook photo album

Kay - (10 - 12 / 17)
24oz Chess Pieces style chimney pots supported by a sturdy base
in 32oz copper, each of the 5 octagon flues are 16" wide

32oz copper base, 24oz flue, & 20oz on the weather-heads, so less top heavy
Cost: $21,217.49 total shipped to Incline Village, Nevada
 Final weight: left pair 239# and right Trio 476#, $30 per#, or $581 per ln'.
(base ISD: left = 36.75" X 49.5"/12.63 sq', and right = 42" X 90.75"/26,47 sq')

Follow this link to see all 128 photos from this project:
CBD facebook photo album

Cline - (11/16 to 2/17)
A Matching Set of King & Queen Crown Style Chimney Pots,
each of the octagon flues are 16" wide

20oz copper, 32oz copper base and ornamentals w/1/2" curved pipe frames
Cost: $5,010 - 16" wide flue
w/32" & 35" wide crowns shipped to Spring Grove, IL
$257 per ln' (Note: this project would run over $12k normally)


Follow this link to see all 119 photos so far from this project:
CBD facebook photo album

Bishner - (11/15)
60" wide twin wall octagon fire pit hood w/12" flue, roof flange, and & chimney cap

Cost: $7,484.60 delivered to Petoskey, Michigan
Chimney hood & cap final weight 204#
$37 per#, or $475 ln'
flue ISD: 12" X 104" long, OSD 60" & 15.75"
Larsen - (9/15)
20 oz copper Fountain Pen style company logo design for over a natural gas flue w/fresh air intake, 32oz copper base, the octagon flue is 14" wide

Cost: $3,111.20 delivered and installed in Sandy, Oregon
Final weight 83.2# and 9' 4" tall
$37.40 per#, or $328 per ln'

square base ISD: 28.5" X 28.5", octagon flue 14" wide X 48" tall, weatherhead18.5" wide
Spurgeon - (4/15)
Bird house style w/double tier base for an 8/12 roof,
the octagon flue is 16" wide

Cost: $4,800 delivered and installed in Banks, Oregon
final weight 172#, $28 per#, or $600 per ln',

base ISD: 24" X 24", 80" tall octagon flue 16" wide w/weatherhead
Here is a link to see all 65 photos of this project fabrication and installation:
CBD facebook photo album
- (12/14 - 1/15)
20oz copper Tapered Square Column style w/internal pan, triple tier base, 12/12 hipped roof

Cost: $7,828.10 each set X 2 = $15,656.20 to Grand Island, New York
Final weight 257.4# each, $30.40 per#, or $397 per ln'

base ISD: 49.75" X 68.5" X 82" tall, or covers 23.7 sq')
Aumann - (8/14)
A clay flue mounted natural gas chimney cap w/fresh air intake below main weather-head

Cost: $1,019 installed
hood 18" wide, base ISD: 12.5"
Wolfgang - (6/10)
20oz copper octagon roof mount screened vent cover for kitchen or natural gas

Cost: $550 part only Portland, Oregon
flange: 6/12 pitch roof mount, 6.5" ISD
Raban - (10/10)
20oz copper simple square flue liner mount

Cost: $461.25 delivered to Kent, Washington
$115 per ln', base ISD: 12.25", or 1.1 sq'
Pagano - (5/10)
1/2 scale Lighthouse style chimney cap
w/Morgana style finial and LED lighting

Client asked for this price to be withheld, delivered to Seneca Falls, NY
(base ISD:: 4' 11 , or 16 sq'. Catwalk OSD: 6' 6")
Saved $3.3k in discounts for large unique design

To see all 64 photos for this project:

Blair - (2/10)
20oz copper
Bird House style, 12/12 cover

Cost: $2,900 installed Portland, Oregon
$149 per ln', base ISD: 36" X 81", 10" flue
.Fenley - (6/08)
20oz copper mini Lighthouse style, 6/12 roof

Cost: $600 - w/o delivered to Mulino, Oregon
Roof flange: 5/12 pitch, base ISD: 22" x 24",
made to fit over an 8" SS flue pipe
ISD, 14" wide flue over a 13" chimney pipe
 Lee - (5/09)
20oz mini Lighthouse style, 6/12 roof

Cost: $237.50 delivered to Birmingham, Alabama
(Made to be soldered over a flat copper roof,
inside base: 8" tapered  in for a 3" gas flue,
16" tall under SS screen w/10" wide cap)
Matury (6/07)
20oz copper Bird House style chimney, 32oz copper roof flange for a 12/12 pitch roof line
 A Birdhouse style copper chimney/cap for Matury in Munster, Indiana

Cost: $3,116.60 delivered to Munster, IN
$467 per ln' base: 20" x 20"
Besio - (3/09)
20oz copper 1/2 scale simplified Lighthouse style chimney cap made for over odd triangular shaped chimney, low profile bell shaped roof, and Morgana style finial

Cost: $7,500 - delivered Glen Arbor, Michigan

$285 per ln', (base ISD: 6' 11" x 6' 3", or 34 sq')
Saved over $2k from more copper used than estimated
Willard (8/07)
20oz copper Chess piece 'King' style chimney w/32oz copper roof flange
A King style copper chimney cap for Willard in Grass Valley, California

Cost: $3,265 to Grass Valley, California
$408 per ln' made for a 12/12 pitch roof, inside base 24" x 24", w/13" flue pipe over a 12" wide chimney pipe
Gamanara (3/05)
20oz copper cover, 6/12 octagon roof A small copper chimney cap for Gamenara in S. E. Portland, Oregon
S. E. Portland, Oregon
base ISD: 9"
 Takhar - Fire Pit Hood (3/06)
Square 6/12 hipped cover hood

Takhar - Copper Fire Pit Hood, Bemidji, Minneapolis
 Cost: $2,900 delivered to Bemidji, Minneapolis
hood OSD: 62.5" x 62.5"
Takhar - Flue (part 2)
Takhar - Copper Fire Pit Flue, Bemidji, Minneapolis
 Square Flue Cost: $2,020
flue ISD: 9", shell OSD: 12", 106" Tall
Takhar - Roof Flashing (part 3)
Takhar - Copper Fire Pit Flue Flashing, Bemidji, Minneapolis
 Cost: $480 32oz Copper Roof Flange 
flange size OSD: 36" x 36"
Takhar - Chimney Cap (part 4)
Mini Lighthouse style

Takhar - Copper Fire Pit Chimney Cap, Bemidji, Minneapolis
 Copper Chimney Cap Cost: $480
base ISD: 12.25" x 12.25"
LEA Designs 2 (1/06)
Clay flue mounted Royal Crown style
w/weathervane mount
My first Tuscal style copper chimney cap for Pascoe in Santa Ana, California
 Delivered to Santa Ana, California
(base ISD: 14.25")
Chimney Flues - (9/04)
20 oz copper Chess piece style chimney pots A set of 3 copper chimney flue extensions/caps for Howard in S. E. Portland, Oregon
S. E. Portland, Oregon
each base ISD: 11.75" x 15.75" X 3, or 3.9 sq'




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