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Updated 4 / 2023


Better than a Standard Mailbox

Better Health:
Especially in these days of pandemic concerns, a copper mailbox is going to be by far more germ-free than any other metal or plastic commonly used. As long as the copper is left raw; exposed to the elements and allowed to develop a nice patina. Not covered with a paint or clear coat. This is best for your health and that of your mail carriers.

Better Strength:
I also make mailboxes that are sturdier with 0.032" 24oz copper or thicker upon request with better hinges and features not found elsewhere. To use 32oz copper for this would make it about twice as strong as 24oz copper, at just 33% more copper.

The 0.063 48oz copper can possibly even resist the impact of a baseball bat. Colder regions have suffered regular damage from the effect  of snowplows, so this should help with that as well. There are also some swing-away mounts to minimize that type of impact.

Note: A well built copper mailbox will still not be able to resist the impact of a car or delivery truck smashing into it of course. Not even a brick mainbox enclosure with reinforsed steel bars could handle that without suffering substantial damage. There are several clever ways to make a swing-away mounting system to help minimize the damage of an impact. Placing a lazy-Suzan bearing in the back, with a spring-ball friction latch in front can do this without changing the apearance or having to build a whole new mounting post.

Better Designs:
The traditional curved arch top style mailbox that is commonly seen is a very clever simplistic design. That is just one of the most efficient designs to use the least and thinnest sheet metal possible, with a reasonable amount of strength, minimal seams, and simple fabrication as well. That does not mean it is the best design, or required by the USPS. Their are some basic requirements for the placement and height, but the shape is not one of them.

You are not even limited to just these designs shown below. These are just a few examples of what CBD can do for you. Feel free to request a custom size and style that you want, along with your custom address numbers mounted.

Larger Size:
The traditional standard size for most mailboxes seems a bit small to me, so I like a larger container, so that magazines and larger envelopes do not have to be folded in half to stuff them inside. A standard mailbox is just 6.5"W X 9"T X 19"D. I have never made one less than 9.5" wide.

Our Unique Mailbox Designs

This was made a little larger than a standard size mailbox that I made back in 2004. It was made with a sturdy 0.032" 24oz copper on a solid wood floor, hardwood reinforced door with brass hinges, brass knob, friction or rare earth magnet closure, flag, along with brass address numbers, and all fastening hardware runs about $1k plus packaging and shipping costs.

I had made several of these copper mailboxes for for friends and neighbors as gifts back in the early 2000's. I made these designed with a taper down towards the back of the mail tube, and a tapered hood extension out front for a little added style and better weather protection while accessing your mail. I built this with a 3/4" hardwood plywood in the door for added strength, and a solid 2X10 wood floor that was cut with groves in the floor for draining any water that might get in, so the mail should stay dry. The wood was varnished and I also have pure tung oil to use on it. A removable stainless steel screen can also be used for this purpose, instead of the cut groves, which is a lot easier to clean. These can also be made with a copper floor if you want.

This example takes about 10 square feet of copper to form and is noticeably larger than standard. This was more of the rural size at 9.5" wide X 14" tall in the front. The inside mouth is 8.5" wide by 12" tall and 24" deep. The back drops down to just 7" tall inside. That tapered top helps to shed rain and debris.

I specialize in custom work, so this can be made in different sizes, styles, and copper thicknesses, so your cost would depend on your specific needs.

Envelope Style Wall Mount Mailbox

In mid 2015 I was asked to make this wall mount mailbox project for a Client named Julia Swyer in Scarsdale, New York. She had sent me a specific design she wanted, which resembles an envelope, as you can see. This was made with a sturdy 24oz copper with safety hems bent along the outer edges for a soft edge that is also twice as strong. It can be made with an outgoing mail caddy and different style handles or knobs to open it with. She chose not to add them. I included a block of wood to step this out past the side molding on her column. The cost with ground freight is around $800.

The size of this was 3.5" D X 10" T X 12.5" W.

This can also be made in different sizes, copper thicknesses, knob or handle for the lid, and a flag or craddle for outgoing mail, so the cost would depend on your specific needs.

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Traditional Mailboxes

I made this larger than rural size mailbox for Randy Kell in Annapolis Maryland (12/20). He asked me to build them this sturdy mailbox in a thick heavy-duty 48oz copper, to replace their thinner 16oz copper mailbox that was damaged. The walls of this mailbox is 3 times thicker, yet is over 10X stronger than the standard 16oz copper used by most sheet metal shops. This weighs a wapping 64.8 pounds in all. This is sturdy enough to stand on. This took me over a week to build and crate up for shipping, and the cost for this was $2.5k delivered (quoted way too low).

Size: 12" wide, 26" deep, and 18" tall

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Joe Talty $5k 48oz copper mailbox & fancy mounting post, w/address sign above, & rear flagpole
delivered to Chagrin Falls, Ohio (4/22)

Base: 13" X 26" X 18" tall at 66# + post
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Andy's $3k deluxe 32oz copper mailbox
delivered to Lafayette, Louisianna (5/22)

Base: 10" X 19" at 26#

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Security Mailbox

This is a security mailbox I made for myself (11-03) and still use to this day. I first built this wood frame with 3/4" birch plywood for dent resistance (boys will be boys), covered in 20oz copper.  This shows some different versatile kind of design and fabrication work I can do. This could be made in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs.

This security mailbox was built 13" wide, 20" deep, and 19" tall to the tip of the roof, These days this would run about $4k with shipping.

Year: 2003

Year: 2022
(at it's 4th location)


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