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Cost: $5,098.24 delivered to
Staten Island, New York

Updated 3 / 2019

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This copper chimney cap projects is for Joe and Mary McLaughlin in Staten Island, New York. They had just a metal chimney pipe sticking up out of the roof. He had a contractor build a large rectangular wood box around it and cover it with a thin layer of brick.

To cover this new traditional looking chimney we worked with them for 3 months to finalize this design, that best suited their needs and desires, and this was the final diagram I made to represent the plan. as you can see here the final production was pretty much just like the diagram.

This is the flat sheet of copper slit in half. Then I draft out all the bends and cuts to be made. Then I bent them into shape and cut the wood support frame using 1x6 Ipe hardwood boards for inside for added strength, weight, and to thread the screws through for fastening it to the chimney. Then I seal the 2 halves together to form the full base/skirt.

Here is the pan attached over the base/skirt with a channel to hold the stainless steel screen in place along the bottom edge. I made a mid-brace in the center for support of the pan to keep it raised, so rain water that might get blown through the screen with shed outwards and not puddle inside.

I used stainless steel screws from the inside to attach the piping over the outside of the skirting. The stainless steel screens are riveted in behind the columns which helps add a lot of strength to these columns.

The eave is attached over these columns with a channel to hold the stainless steel screen in place along the top edge.

This decorative trim and piping is very trick  and time consuming to form just right and attach to the columns, but adds a nice touch of regal class.

This is the custom angle cut wood frame I made to be mounted over the chimney w/the 8 lag screws to properly seat the 176# of this chimney cap.

Here is the columns finished and the roof braces built over the eaves.

I then cover this with a 3 part roof skin. I covered it a bit different than I had done in the past; in stead of making the seams over each corner bend, I covered each end and then draped a rectangular sheet over the center for a nice clean look that is more seamless.

Here it is finished sitting over the custom crate base. The top right photo shows the 5 sided top of the crate laying on it's side.

Cost for the project: $5,098.24 w/crate & shipping

175.95# total weight
- 27.3# wood
- 8.4# SS screen
= 140.25# of copper
x .8 = 112.2 sq' of copper sheet metal
112.2 x $30 = $3,366

 $3,366.00 - copper
+ $500.00 - extra labor for additional design & fancy trim work
+ $259.60 - SS screen (
12.98 sq' x $20)
+ $122.64 - 1x6 hardwood (15.33' x $8)
+ $450.00 - wood crate
+ $400.00 - shipping to residential location with lift-gate service
=$5,098.24 total cost delivered

We exchanged 72 e-mails in the course of working out all these details and providing them with these 44 digital photos of the progress. Here is some feedback from this client:

From: StateniLand@aol.c*m
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007
Subject: Re: Last Chimney Cap Photos

Hi Dave
Pics came through just fine and it looks grand. The columns look Regal! Perfect! It came out beautiful! Just hope they can get it up to its final resting place. I will have your final check sent out this morning Sat. 12/29/07. Thank you for everything.

I will take pictures as it is installed for your website. Any suggestions (as you asked) for any problems that may arise.

Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008

Well, its up!  Was kinda hard with 2 men and no lift or crane but mission accomplished. Worst part was trying to get that protective plastic off the roof. The cold made it an hours job with 3 of us picking at it and using a small butane torch to warm it.

My roofer said to mention to you that it would have been easier to attach the flue extension if your rivets on the flue were put on inside facing out instead of the opposite way. The extension kept getting caught up on the rivets as they attempted to lower the cap down, but they did it and it looks real nice.

My roofer who has been doing slate and copper all his life (learned from his Dad who did it all his life) was impressed with your work. he said "You got enough rivets to build a Battle ship!".. and he liked your "bends".

I took plenty of pics and will be sending shortly for your webpage if you like.

Thanks again Dave,

Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008

Here are the PICS of the house. O yeah! Thanks for the "MUG". My wife took it and uses it every morning now.

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008

Your welcome Dave.......

Keep me in mind when u make a larger CBD mug  LOL. Nothing but compliments when people see the house finished off with your cap!

Joe & Mary T. McLaughlin

The Installation

The wood frame gets mounted to the top of the chimney studs:

Instead of using a hoist they decided to lift it manually up to the chimney top:

They reported having a little trouble lining it up over the flue pipe, but got it down over it eventually:

Back side of the house view:

Front of the house view:


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