The Stevenson 20oz Copper & Aluminum Gutters w/Fascia Project
2397 S. W. Montgomery, Portland, Oregon
(4 & 10-11/07)

Before & After Pics

 Updated 6-30-2008

This is a local house I was asked to worked on under my Oregon contractors license DMR Gutters, hence the different watermark on these photos.

It is located at 2397 S. W. Montgomery in Portland, Oregon owned by an Jean Stevenson, who's Daughter found me on the web. She lives in Bend, but made it up here frequently to assist with this project along with her Brother.  This is a grand old house up in the West Hills area with some very unique problems to solve. Here are some before and after shots to see the difference.

This plain 'V' shaped steel scupper (below left) was a modern replacement. It was amusing to see they had left the old DS (down spout) from the hidden box gutter that was no longer in service. As you can see the newer DS has come dislodged from the bottom of the gutter and splatters much of the rain outside of that DS. The shot on the right was a gutter mounted low on the wall instead of a storm-drain pipe that I added to replace this mess

They had several different contractors attempt to fix her gutter problems in the past and I was amazed at some of the crazy ideas they had tried. Just the stupidest things I had never even seen attempted before. It was a collection of the worst repairs I have ever seen. They had me replace her gutter system and built-in scuppers with nice sturdy copper and aluminum gutters that work.

They had me replace 4 exterior custom scuppers in white aluminum and copper for the 2 built-in scuppers seen here, so they would last beyond the 50 year roofing. The last repairman had covered this rusty steel with aluminum foil used for cooking as a fix to keep it from leaking into the house walls, so of course that did not work. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it! As you can see the rust holes under that foil were large enough to pass my fist through.

The next photo shows the temporary repair I did with aluminum just to get them by a few months until I could fit their job in my schedule and fix this properly with copper. I took this shot (below) of the other scupper that was not as bad off from inside the house to see the staining of the wood under it.

Here are some shots of the scupper fabrication made from flat sheets of 20oz copper.

Here is the 4 custom white painted aluminum scuppers I made for this house:

You can see how they started out just being a section of gutter that was run through my gutter machine.

I have to make careful calculations after visualizing this shape to diagram it out on paper to be 14" wide and 8" deep. Then draw it out on the metal for cutting and folding.

Then the front corners need to be sealed and riveted together with the overlapping seams.

Here I am drawing out the back side to be cut from this sheet of aluminum to seal the back of the scupper.

Then I bent the bottom down to form the lower section of the scupper.

This may look simple, but it is a very tedious process. I am lucky to be able to build 2 of these in a full days work.

The bottom section has to be made from a separate piece and attached.

Here are 3 of these set together at different angles.

Here is the installation of the built-in scuppers. It was very challenging to remove the rotten metal and wood to rebuild this part of the house.

In these shots you can see the more plain old steel scupper she had and the new replacement.

355.48' of white aluminum gutters & Herritage Cream downspouts
' of 20oz copper gutters & DS w/removal- $2,661.67
13 corners and end-caps to miter - $550
Hard install  - $880
137.5' of hinged leaf screens - $489.38
8 larger no-clog outlets - $380
leaf-catchers - $270
93.75' of drip-edge flashing - $369.38
30' + connectors ABS sewer pipe - $142.50
40' of custom copper flashing covers in front of the copper gutter - $300
6 custom copper scuppers - $2,000

$7,531.05 Grand Total


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