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We have been told by numerous clients that we have the most comprehensive web site of this kind in the world; with our 240 CBD web pages, 9 documents, and some 5,850 photos that link to full screen images to show our detailed step-by-step design/fabrication process. And nearly 2,000 more photos on our Facebook Business Profile


This may be a bit off topic, but I have a question for you to consider: why has pneumatic motors for cars been suppressed for nearly a century now, especially when it beats the pants off hydrogen or eclectic cars? This is just pressurized air driven motors, which is not a new tech at all. They now make 5k PSI tanks with carbon fiber for better safety and lighter weight that can provide up to a 200 mile range per fill, has no pollution to speak of and no risk of a violent fiery explosion if in a serious collision. It would have far less hazardous land fill issues than old dead batteries, as well as a fraction of the weight for the energy source storage and motor. No expensive processing of the fuel, which can be set up at any fueling station for a fraction of the cost to recharge a tank in just a few minutes compared to hydrogen. Please write to your Congressman and tell them about this new/old tech to save our planet and society. Also, spread the word to as many people as you can to put pressure on 'The Man' and force this option out in the open.